Smiling Tiger Muay Thai present Ajarn Kevin Seaman‎

I will be traveling from the United States and teaching Muay Thai in Luxembourg this June on Thursday evening June 2nd. I have studied Muay Thai with GM Surachai Sirisute for nearly 30 years and have trained thousands of individuals in that time. Join me for an eye opening evening of Muay Thai technique and strategy you will not soon forget! I look forward to meeting you!

Bring Gloves and shin protection. We will be working techniques and strategies based on Muay Thai using the principles found in Jeet Kune Do as our approach. This unique look at countering Muay Thai attacks is extremely valuable to JKD, Kickboxing and Muay Thai practitioners. I have received a tremendous positive response from attendees all over the USA every time I have presented this material. Guro Inosanto loved my approach when I showed him some of the material. This will NOT be a Thai Pad cardio workout. I will share this with the select people who attend my seminar at Frank Ruppert's on June 2 in Luxembourg.

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